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Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud enables financial services institutions to build trust by unifying the customer experience across channels, geographies, and lines of business.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

  • Strengthen client relationships, personalise engagements, increase productivity, expand your reach and grow your business efficiently and profitably.
  • Have a complete view of your customers and deliver the personalised and proactive service that they expect. 
  • Configure the app to suit how your users like to work. 
  • Focus on high-value customer activities instead of routine, administrative tasks. 
  • Get the trusted power, security, and scalability of the Salesforce platform.
  • Connect data from your banking, portfolio management, financial planning, and other systems.
  • Increase employee productivity, accelerate time to value and deepen customer trust with every interaction.
  • Modernise client engagement, increase client satisfaction, and fuel advisor productivity by delivering automated, data-driven experiences on an integrated platform.

Learn About Financial Services Cloud

Retail Banking

By using Financial Services Cloud for Retail Banking, bankers, loan officers, tellers, and operations associates get a 360-degree view of their customers including customer profile, interests, life goals, and events, as well as financial accounts. Explore a trial org and learn about what’s included, what setup is recommended, and how to get ready for your implementation.

Wealth Management

Financial advisors can use the Wealth Management Lightning app for a complete view of their customers and to deliver the personalized, proactive service that their clients expect. Advisors can deepen client relationships, personalize engagements, and increase productivity to scale their reach and to grow their business. Explore a trial org to learn about what’s included, what setup we recommend, and how to get ready for your implementation.


The Insurance Agent Console app helps agents and service reps track their performance and stay focused on their goals. The distributor performance dashboard, reports, and performance metrics, provide sales managers with a consolidated performance summary for all their distributors. The Insurance Agent Portal template gives independent insurance agents access to insurance features and components and lets them manage and grow their books of business.


The Discovery Framework feature lets you create and manage assessment questions, surface digital assessments, and collect information for onboarding customers. You can use the Know Your Customer (KYC) data model to validate prospect information and assign a risk rating. By using the Data Consumption Framework, you can also easily set up integrations with third-party providers for assessing risk and for screening.


Mortgage for Financial Services Cloud includes a new data model for mortgage applications, new standard flow templates, and new flow screen components.

Commercial Banking

The Commercial Banking Console app give bankers greater visibility into customer relationships in commercial lending, treasury management, trade finance, and more. The Business Referrals record type makes it easy for relationship managers and lending assistants to make business-to-business referrals.

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When you’re ready to become a Salesforce customer, our proven implementation process charts a course for success.


We make data migrations seamless by leveraging the key customer information you have captured in legacy systems and external sources.

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Take your marketing to the next level and gain valuable insights into customer interactions while driving engagement and measuring ROI.

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Your business processes and metrics drive functionality made to order, resulting in improved user efficiency.