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Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud enables educational institutions to manage relationships with all of their customers including prospective students, current students, alumni and corporate partners, and connect insights from those interactions into a unified view.

Salesforce Education Cloud

Education Cloud draws on the power of Salesforce to connect insights across recruitment, admissions, and student success for a unified view of every learner’s journey.

 A single source of truth creates a complete student profile, so your institution can offer personalized experiences that translate into successful lifetime learners — from prospective students to engaged alumni.

Important tasks can be completed in less time, at scale, and in collaboration between departments. 

  • An online learner portal powered by Experience Cloud
  • Single, home page views of important departmental activities with Recruiting and Admissions Consoles
  • Powerful workflow automation and tailored user interfaces with OmniStudio
  • Customizable reports and dashboards providing actionable insights with CRM Analytics

Education Cloud provides your institution with powerful technologies including:

  • Recruitment and Admissions
    Education Cloud supports your recruitment and admissions activities with an online portal and powerful collaboration tools.
  • Student Success
    Education Cloud provides you with powerful tools to support learner success.
  • Mentoring
    Create and manage mentoring programs, strengthen relationships between mentors and mentees, assign benefits, and manage assessments.
  • Alumni Relations
    Education Cloud provides powerful tools to engage with alumni from your institution.
  • Education Cloud and Translation
    Salesforce provides translations for Education Cloud in multiple languages.

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We make data migrations seamless by leveraging the key customer information you have captured in legacy systems and external sources.

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